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[EtudeHouse] Moistfull Collagen Essence 80ml

[EtudeHouse] Moistfull Collagen Essence 80ml

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Moistfull Collagen Essence 80ml
Moisturizing Essence that contains 513,900ppm of Super Collagen Water™

- Moistfull Recharge with 513,900ppm of Super Collagen Water™ particles.
Fine-particle sized collagen molecules dissociated by hydrolysis (a.k.a hydrolyzed collagen) are more efficiently taken up to deeply hydrate the skin.

- Moist Skincare with a super plant Lupinus Albus protein
It's a plant that grows in barren soil that contains a protein which helps to transform your skin into moist skin.

- Clear, Translucent Essence Texture
Absorbed smoothly and quickly, leaving no stickiness behind.
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