About Us



Welcome to Yulbu!


Yulbu is a Korean word that means radiance and brilliance. The name is a perfect fit for our business since we aspire to give you the most radiant and beautiful skin. 

However, we at Yulbu don't just advocate for outer beauty. We strongly believe that a person who has self-worth, self love, integrity, and kindness is the most beautiful person of all. One of the ways to build self worth and self-confidence is of course through self-care. When you practice self-care, you are sending a message to yourself that you value your well-being and that you are worth taking care of. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy pampering their skin and feel good about themselves!


To achieve the most beautiful skin of your dreams, Yulbu stocks dozens of cost-competitive Korean skincare brands such as CosrxTIAM, and Beauty of Josean. We also feature luxury brands like History of Whoo and Dongbini. Whatever you are looking for, at whatever price point, we've got you covered! 


Here are just a few reasons:

    • Quality Authentic Products
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Cost-Competitive Brands
  • At least 10% OFF on all Orders
    • Easy Shopping Experience
    • Fast and Reliable Shipping

    Customer service is the most important aspect of our business. Our team of customer service staff can be contacted anytime and they are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our customer's expectations are exceeded.

     Best of all, our prices are always cheaper than the brand's selling price. Because our business is set up for online sales only, we get to keep the costs down and pass on all of the savings to you. 

    Happy shopping!