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[Dr.G] Dermoisture Barrier D Intense Cream 100ml

[Dr.G] Dermoisture Barrier D Intense Cream 100ml

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 Daily moisturizing barrier lotion that quickly delivers just the right amount of moisture for dewy-looking skin ▶ Daily moisturizing barrier care Healthy skin moisturizing achieved by forming a protective moisturizing film even in extreme skin environments. Clinically proven skin barrier that can protect the skin from powerful and extreme external stimuli. ▶ pH 4.5 hypoallergenic, subacid lotion texture ▶ Hypoallergenic and mildly acidic daily moisturizing

How to use

Evenly apply an adequate amount after the toner and serum stage, lightly patting for better absorption. * This product is suitable for dry and sensitive skin on both the face and body. Use whenever skin feels dry.


- Dermoisture : Dr.G patented, provitamin D and upgraded Filagrin improves the skin's natural health *Vitamin D : Supports skin health, improves skin dryness, enhances skin moiturization level. *Filagrin : Improves the skin's natural moisturizing ability by creating natural moisturizing factors in the body *Moss : One of the plants that has been on this planet for 470 million years, can be seen as the origin of all species. It is also the ingredient in the Filagrin booster that improves the skin's ability to adapt to its environment and moisturizes the skin.

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