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[Belif] Aqua bomb vita water cream 50 ml

[Belif] Aqua bomb vita water cream 50 ml

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Skin revitalized and bright with Vitamin Water!

Aqua bomb vita water cream increases skin’s moisture density and makes skin look clear and bright with moisture droplets rich in Vitamin and Hyaluronic acid.

  1. Vitamin moisture bomb cream with plenty of vitamins and hyaluronic acid
  2. Vitamin moisture cream that makes skin texture clear and transparent
  3. As it rolls on the skin, the water droplet bursts to give a rich moisture
  4. Form that gives off a cool vitamin moisture drop and gives a shiny finish the moment you apply
  5. Moisture density 330.4% UP*



Suggested Usage:

  • Apply as needed to face and neck.
  • Can be used morning and night.
  • For a midday moisture boost, tap gently onto skin.
  • Can be used on top of makeup.
  • Can be used as a five-minute emergency moisture mask, apply generously to skin and tissue off.


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.



  • Vitamins C & E - Moisture cream increases skin’s moisture density by densely filling the inside and outside of skin with quadruple hyaluronic blend™ and increases skin vitality with Vitamins C & E
  • Quadruple hyaluronic blend™ - The strongest Hyaluronic acid combination made of the 4-multi blending of low-molecular and high-molecular Hyaluronic acid, bridge Hyaluronic acid, and proton Hyaluronic acid fills the inside and outside of skin with moisture and keeps skin moisturized for long hours.
  • Glasswort - The herb that can store moisture more than 70% of its weight promotes the synthesis of Hyaluronic acid.


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