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[Innisfree] Bija Trouble Toner 170ml

[Innisfree] Bija Trouble Toner 170ml

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A refreshing toner with a wipe-off type that contains Bija oil that protects the skin. 1. Trouble Care The formula, which is effective for sebum, pores, and dead skin cells, cleanses the skin neatly, and Jeju Bija Oil protects the skin without drying it. 2. Daily Refreshing water toner without viscosity that is good for wiping along the skin texture 3. Mild Formula A formula that is gentle on the skin and can be used for acne and troubled skin.

How to use

After washing your face, take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and apply as if wiping except for the eyes and mouth.


Purified water, denatured alcohol, butylene glycol, glycerin, betaine, methylgluses-20, 1,2-hexanediol, PPG-13-decyltetradeceth-24, white willow bark extract, octyldodeches -16, disodium EDTA, nutmeg seed oil, ethylhexylglycerin, castor seed oil, salicylic acid, limonene, bean pine fruit oil, pine pine leaf oil, juniper pine oil, lavender oil, lime outpost oil, linalool , lemon peel oil, vulgaris mugwort oil, cedar oil, pine pine leaf/nut/stem oil, tocopherol

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