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[Donginbi] 1899 Single Essence 120ml

[Donginbi] 1899 Single Essence 120ml

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To rescue stressed-out skin, look no further than this highly-concentrated toner made from 100% red ginseng extract, which fights free radicals and restores skin’s oil-water balance for a bright, clear finish. Free of artificial fragrances, this formula comes with a natural, ginseng-based aroma. Suitable for all skin types.



  • Formulated with 100% Red Gingseng Extract that helps fight against oxidative stress for a clear, healthy complexion.


  • Contains no artificial fragrance but the natural earthy scent from the ginseng.


  • Suitable for all skin types.

    How to use:

    1. After cleansing, dispense 3-4 drops onto your palm.
    2. Gently massage over the entire face and tap for better absorption.



    Red Ginseng Extract

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